School Outreach


School Outreach

One of the key aims of the Animal Neighbours Project is education; we are dedicated to raising awareness of human-animal conflict. We want to ensure that people not only understand why human-animal conflict arises – and the role that we all play in this – but also ways in which we can counteract and mitigate this conflict. We intend to reach people of all ages and walks of life and have begun our work in the UK focusing on primary and secondary school students.

Our outreach events include:

* Attending school fayres, using interactive games to discuss the consequences of feeding wild animals.

* Talks at school and universities.

* Research talks at secondary schools, discussing the research projects performed by the Animal Neighbours Project and the impact this research hopes to have.
* Poster-making workshops at primary schools, encouraging children to engage with human-animal conflict information and synthesise it into informative and persuasive posters.​


Download and use our education resources that are designed for formal teaching sessions. Please do let us know if you use it as we would love to get feedback or share photos on Facebook and tag Animal Neighbours Project!

Contact us if you would like us to organise a session for you!


We host webinar series for university students or aspiring environmental young adults to help create awareness on human wildlife interaction and the importance of coexisting harmoniously with our surrounding wildlife residents.


Students will be based in Kuala Lumpur but there may be visits to other sites within Peninsula Malaysia.  By participating in a summer programme, students will have the opportunity to gain unique experience to equip themselves with specialist skills and knowledge, learning from international experts in their field. Students will gain transferrable skills and develop confidence, resilience, and intercultural competencies. This experience will build academic and professional networks for students whilst increasing their global job prospects. 


“Hello, my name is Matt, 

And I took part in the summer placement in Malaysia. During my time I worked as a volunteer for the Animal neighbour’s project and conducted awareness activities, such as booths at the local university, and short presentations to pre-schoolers. This placement gave me an insight into the conflict between monkeys and residents and provided me with the information I had no idea about.

Outside of work, Malaysia is an amazing place. With brilliant food and tourist spots. During the week not only do we take part in the awareness activities, but we can also visit local cultural sites such as the Batu caves and enjoy the amazing street food. We also had the opportunity to travel during our free time on the weekends, I would recommend this to make sure you get out of Kuala Lumpur, despite all the things you can do there! 

So, if anyone is interested in taking part in this placement I would 100% encourage you to do so.”



“I’ve had an amazing month volunteering for the Animal Neighbours Project. The programme has given me such a range of opportunities and experiences, from raising awareness about the long tailed macaques in the local community, to visiting famous landmarks and experiencing the Malaysian culture and food.


The project coordinators at ANP have been so enthusiastic, helpful, and kind, and have made this trip an experience to remember. I’d recommend this summer programme to anyone who has an interest in animals, and wants to experience living and working in a new country.”