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Malaysia Projects

Urban monkeys

Winning seed grant funding from Global Challenge Research Fund, UKRI,England allowed the project to develop a multidisciplinary stakeholder partnership to address the human-monkey conflict in the conflicted area in Malaysia. We set out to make a global impact by getting involved in Malaysia and aiming to reduce the culling of 100,000 monkeys yearly due to urban monkey conflict.

This partnership was between University of Surrey (Prof Xavier Font – School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Prof Steven Morse – Center of Environmental Sustainability, Dr Sharmini Paramasivam – School of Veterinary Medicine) and Universiti Putra Malaysia, Dr Mokrish Ajat (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine).

Our locally driven action plan was driven by local stakeholders to build a more sustainable action plan. The aim was to improve the lives of people and monkeys in urban areas. 


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